New Leader Transition

  • Facilitated group work session (Maximum of 20 participants)
  • New leader behavioral assessment
  • Team effectiveness & learning style summary report
  • New leader consultation session by former senior executive
Think of a time when a new leader joined an organization. Then think of all the time, effort and anxiety expended by both the new leader and the existing staff as they tried to figure out what was important to one another, particularly with respect to the critical nuances of their working relationship. Lastly, think of all the miscues, trial & error missteps, lost productivity and water cooler gossip that could have been avoided had there been an open and effective process for both parties to have clearly communicated earlier in the new leader's tenure.

The Navigator solution is a proven, effective, and economical program for significantly shortening the normally lengthy "ramp up" time before a new leader and an existing team become optimally productive.

Our Clients Include:

Navigator advisors facilitate highly participative yet "politically safe" work sessions that give both the new leader and members of the staff a structured forum to share information pertaining to management styles, workplace culture, individual & collective goals, organizational challenges and personal data. The program can be expected to deliver impressive & sustainable results immediately upon the conclusion of a one-day work session.

Shortly after the team work session, Navigator provides the new leader with a detailed report summarizing the information captured in the work session and from a previously administered behavioral assessment tool. The New Leader Transition service is available anywhere in the U.S., Canada and most international locations.